The Benefits of Video Conferencing vs. Face to Face Meetings

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2020-06-30 14:34:42

Businesses have been expanding the role technology plays in commerce for years. However, in a post-pandemic economic landscape, video conferencing and telecommuting have gone from being a popular part of office technology to a cornerstone of the entire economy. As telecommuting and remote work have become the new norm, so too has video conferencing technology.

While most companies have transitioned their operations to be completely remote, this is not a permanent end of face to face meetings. They are not without some unique benefits. In-person meetings tend to eliminate unnecessary distractions and encourage undivided attention. No one is as distracted by the notifications of incoming emails and messages when having a face to face meeting. And these distraction-free in-person meetings easily foster strong interpersonal relationships with clients.

Though in-person meetings are undoubtedly on the horizon, video calls are now the new norm. Since video conferencing technology has become such a giant in nearly every industry, it's critical to understand its benefits and capitalize on them as much as possible.

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