Granulated Honey And Powdered Honey

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2024-05-13 23:00:04

For those who like the idea of a dried honey format which can be spooned and measured easily, this idea may be appealing. 

However, I would urge you to check the ingredients, and if convenience is something you are after, then I recommend you first think about it. 

Food products cannot always be returned!  So, if you don't check the ingredients first you may not be happy with your purchase.

On the other hand, the addition of other ingredients may not bother you at all, but I suspect most people would like to be fully aware of what they are buying. 

During my investigations, I have found products that were labelled as powdered or granulated honey, sometimes contained one or more of the following ingredients added or labelled as follows:

I discovered product on where, upon close examination of the label, ‘Sucrose’ was the first listed ingredient - i.e. before honey.  However, the Amazon description was written in such a manner where ‘honey’ was the first ingredient listed, potentially implying that honey was the main ingredient when this was not the case! 

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