tinyping and scrub moves

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2024-05-14 14:00:03

As far as design is concerned, I think I have two basic jobs-to-be-done with the app: trying to discover how you're spending your time, or trying to change the same. The design challenge comes in when you factor in that you can't actually do those things until you've collected enough data, which takes at least a week of consistent data entry.

My basic idea to solve this is to show useful information as soon as I can—but that still might be too slow, so I might have to show un-useful information sooner. For this purpose:Useful information means being able to say things like "recently, you spent much more time on meetings. Do you want to dig into that?"Un-useful information might be more like "you've entered 23 pings"—there's really no insight about how to live your life there, but we can present it right away.

I might also be able to show locked versions of the more useful report types on a dashboard so that it's clear that entering more pings will unlock more stuff. I think that'd be pretty helpful, but I need to tune when it would be useful to unlock each report type!Scrub Moves

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