Your AI CoPilot for doc collaboration.

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2024-07-09 16:00:12

→  Built into the native comments workflow, where you already collaborate.

→  Our servers never log your content, and you can unshare the copilot any time.

Within about 10 seconds, you should see Copilot join the Google Doc and begin to add comments and replies.

If you have something in particular you want to ask our Copilot, just add a comment. If you want elaboration on a suggestion, add a reply. Copilot will watch your Google Doc and respond with thoughtful and focused in-line edits.

As long as you keep the dialogue going, the Copilot will stick around and respond to any comments or replies you leave. If you need to take a break for more than 30 minutes or so, no worries! The Copilot will politely exit the document and unshare itself. Whenever you're ready to collaborate again, simply re-share the file, and the Copilot will happily rejoin you for another jam session.

* at this time you'll need to share with 'edit' access, and make sure to check 'notify people' checkbox.

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