Introducing Open Asteroid Impact

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2024-04-01 08:30:13

We're committed to having as much impact as possible. Help us reshape the world – or yell at us from the sidelines. The choice is yours.

When most people think about asteroid mining, they think of getting all the mining equipment to space and carefully mining and refining ore in space, before bringing the ore back down in a controlled landing. But humanity has zero experience in Zero-G mining in the vacuum of space. This is obviously very inefficient.

Furthermore, we are first and foremost an asteroid mining *safety* company. That is why we need to race as quickly as possible to be at the forefront of asteroid redirection, so more dangerous companies don't get there before us, letting us set safety standards.

“Mitigating the risk of extinction from human-directed asteroids should be a global priority alongside other civilizational risks such as nuclear war and artificial general intelligence.”

Initially we wanted to open-source all of our asteroid redirection software, designs, and schematics. But our safety advisors have raised concerns that asteroid redirection and mining operations could endanger earth. Indeed, were someone to redirect an asteroid badly it might cause massive damage - something doubtless many terrorist groups are already aware of. Terrorists can even reuse our redirection schematics to make high-energy kinetic weapons. Crazy, right? That is why we no longer open source our software and models. Instead, we rent out our machines to whoever is willing to pay us enough money. For safety. So now “open” stands for the openness of space. Our legal counsel has advised us that our name has always had this meaning, so please consider the previous paragraph as a fictional exploration only.

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