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2021-08-17 14:30:17

Sometimes people ask me which computer science papers they should read and I can't really answer that question, but I can list the papers I've enjoyed reading over the past years.

This is not a you should read these papers kind of post, it’s a curated list of great computer science papers that I’ve enjoyed reading and re-reading over the past years.

💡 You’ll learn about a technique called a log-structured file system that writes all modifications to disk sequentially, thereby speeding up both file writing and crash recovery.

💡 You’ll learn about a disk-based index structure called B-Tree and its different variations. The paper does quite a good job of explaining why they have been so successful over the years.

💡 You’ll continue to learn about low-cost indexing for a file experiencing a high rate of record inserts over an extended period. The paper also provides a nice comparison of LSM-tree and B-tree I/O costs.

💡 You’ll learn about log processing, Kafka’s architecture, and design principles including producers, brokers, and consumers.

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