Cyber Energy Law and Policy

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2022-05-13 18:00:19

So before we delve into the fascinating relation between cybersecurity and the worlds of oil, gas, energey and electricity, I need to introduce myself a bit.

I’m a long term computer programmer and entrepreneur. I’ve spent a lot of quality time with intellectual property and M&A lawyers, but I’ve also helped draft legislation, both during my time within Dutch intelligence, but also later as an outsider on behalf of Internet organizations.

These days, I am a member of the ex-ante regulator of the Dutch intelligence and security services. This regulator is staffed with judges and legal people, but I am the special technical member. My role there is to rule on the legitimacy of hacking and surveillance operations but perhaps more important, to make sure that the entire committee understands all the issues, so they know how to weigh the proportionality and subsidiarity of the proposed surveillance or hacking measures.

In this way, I spend a lot of time on information security and cyber operations, but I also live in your world of legislation and laws.

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