Solar Hybrid Yacht: Greenline 48 Fly Technical Tour

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2020-06-28 19:26:25

Boating is generally considered a fun in the sun activity, so if you’re going to be out on the water getting cooked by photons, you might as well utilize the surface area of your vessel to capture some of that tremendous solar energy and put it to good use.

Greenline Yachts was founded with a mission of preserving the environment without sacrificing comfort, it’s Hybrid concept utilizes best in class technology to create a luxury boating experience without exhaust, noise or wake. All greenline hybrid yachts come equipped with an electric motor that also acts a a generator, solar panels, and AC power onboard. This hybrid system allows for efficient low speed electric propulsion with a running cost about 10 times lower than burning diesel fuel.

When Greenline contacted me to go for a cruise, I looked them up and saw they were located in Slovenia, which is a bit far. But when I found out they had their whole lineup of hybrid yachts here in sunny Fort Lauderdale…

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