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2023-03-15 03:30:05

I've had some moderate success with a ChatGPT prompt that helps me reshape structured data into another structured format. I coded up a little command-line tool: gptq and pushed it up so that y'all can have a play with it too.

It's limited in the amount of data it can process, but I found it pretty useful as a sort of glue-like program that can pipe data between two programs pretty effortlessly.

I tried basic sentiment analysis... it was ok. Lots of neutral titles. Don't know if that's how Hacker News is or it's something going on with ChatGPT.

Movie recs! I fed it my most recent movies I logged from my Letterboxd and tried to get some recommendations out of it. I didn't have too much luck getting good recommendations, but it did return some movies so...

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