The Time William Shatner Stole Leonard Nimoy's Bicycle

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2023-05-25 03:30:02

Leonard Nimoy: He is mean. He is really mean. I've been telling people this for years. Now, I want you to believe me tonight, I'm not kidding, he's mean, he's a mean person. He stole my bicycle.  William Shatner: I didn't steal your bicycle.  Nimoy: Yes, he did. He stole my bicycle.  Shatner: I'm gonna tell you the story Nimoy: And it was not once.  Shatner: I tell you what we do Nimoy: He took advantage of a person in need.  Shatner: When were you in need? Nimoy: Of a person struggling, a person in pain. He did! He hurt me, badly. I want you to know that. Is this being taped? Is somebody taping this? I want it on record, you know?

Shatner: I wouldn't hurt you for the world, Leonard, but the problem was every time they'd call lunch you'd get on your bike and bicycle down to the commissary and get ahead...  Nimoy: That's the logical thing to do. 

Shatner: Is it something I said? Nimoy: I'm looking for the water. You want some water? It's true. I had a bicycle. I had my name on it, too. That's right. It said it right there. It said: 'Leonard Nimoy' and I spelled it correctly, too. That's because we had not much time to get from the stage to the commercary, get to lunch, get to the make-up department, get the ears touched up and get to work. So, I used the bicycle. And one day I walked out the stage and my bicycle was gone. Right! So I came up to the stage and I was kind of upset. And I said: 'who took my bicycle? Come on guys, I took it here for a reason'. Shatner: It was chained. 

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