Where did the name Big Bubba’s Food Blog come from? And who is behind writing Big Bubba’s Food Blog?

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2020-06-27 04:42:44

I guess the name Bubba is an unconscious ode to Bubba Wallace of NASCAR, his name is in our conciousness at this time, unfortunately having been subjected to some hateful treatment as a person of color being a NASCAR driver. Names in Pop culture News.

So one night I was toying with the idea to write a food blog, and I thought why not call it big bubba’s food blog… But the name is also synonymous with memories of seeing great Creole Cajun Chefs from New Orleans on TV growing up (cooking / food shows) and that name used to be common in places like Louisana or the south, in popculture lexicon for an offbeat slightly charming nickname for someone big, or country who was wearing like denim overalls. So, it’s a great mixup of all three things to a short story writer ✍️😊 kind of a homage to all three and pop culture overall.

Who is behind Big Bubba’s Food Blog? Short Story writer, Startup founder and Artist Carolina Teresita ❤️ you can find my channel on YouTube by clinking the link below, find on me on Instagram @thepopartistcarolinateresita and read some of my short stories on my short story blog posted on WordPress

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