Spinergy GXX laces up vibration-eating composite spoke, wide carbon gravel wheels

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2020-06-30 14:23:22

Spinergy calls their new GXX gravel bike wheels the “King of Gravel” – adding an extra X to their previous gravel wheel options. And building on three decades of experience with their tough, vibration-damping PBO composite spokes and carbon rims, the US-made gravel wheels look promising with a pricetag under a thousand dollars!

Putting it simply, Spinergy’s synthetic polymer PBO spokes are 3x the strength of steel at half the weight (1.6x the tensile strength of Kevlar even) which is said to virtually eliminate the possibility of breaking spokes. Spinergy even says that absorb vibrations better, so gravel riders are less fatigued over longer rides and have improved control over irregular surfaces.

Tie that together with a new wider 24mm internal carbon rim that Spinergy produces in-house in  southern California (a whopping 6mm wider than their current GXC wheels) to fit 40mm up to 57mm wide tires.

The 29mm deep, 29mm wide external full carbon, hooked tubeless-ready rim is molded over a lightweight solid foam core. Spinergy claims that foam core both adds strength to the overall lightweight construction and prevents water from getting inside the rim cavity.

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