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2023-01-25 04:00:09

When someone told me about beanstalkd, the seed of an idea was planted in my mind. I had some free time on my hands and decided that I wanted to implement it in Clojure to learn a thing or two. The simplicity of the beanstalkd protocol appealed to me, and it seemed like something I could implement. In addition to this, a preview build of Project Loom was made available, and I wanted an opportunity to try out virtual threads. Over two months, this germ of an idea sprouted into the 2400 line sapling it is today. I referred only to the beanstalkd protocol, and didn’t read any of the beanstalkd code. Here’s how it works:

A job is a description of some task to be done. In beanstalkd, jobs are binary blobs. For simplicity, jobs are strings in small-stalk.

There can be two types of clients of small-stalk: producers and workers. Producers submit jobs to be executed, and workers consume and execute these jobs. Note that small-stalk itself makes no distinction between clients, and any client can run any command.

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