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2022-01-15 20:00:05

I have my Getting Things Done system set up on my computer using text files. The setup is faithful to the original book, it works well (for me), and it’s free! I want to go through each system element, explaining my thought process. If EverToDoisAnation doesn’t work for you, this can help you set up your system.

The system is all based around text files, but I use some external tools when text files don’t satisfy all of my requirements. The external tools are a calendar, a mail client, and Apple Reminders.

I used to print this file and try to work through as many things as possible, but this is a bad idea. It’s not a checklist where you have to complete each item; it’s a next actions list.

This actions file is what I open when I have time to work. I’ll browse through the actions listed, and decide which action to do based on the following:

Note that the tasks aren’t sorted in any way. This is completely fine. I’ve gotten to dozens of actions at once during busy times and never encountered problems. Although, sometimes, I filter these tasks by context, so I can only see the tasks I can physically do. I do this with a program called “grep”.

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