The Erlang Runtime System

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2024-02-12 07:30:04

This book is not about how to write correct and beautiful code, I am assuming that you already know how to do that. This book isn’t really about profiling and performance tuning either. Although, there is a chapter in this book on tracing and profiling which can help you find bottlenecks and unnecessary usage of resources. There also is a chapter on performance tuning.

These two chapters are the last chapters in the book, and the whole book is building up to those chapters, but the real goal with this book is to give you all the information, all the gory details, that you need in order to really understand the performance of your Erlang application.

For anyone who: Want to tune an Erlang installation. Want to know how to debug VM crashes. Want to improve performance of Erlang applications. Want to understand how Erlang really works. Want to learn how to build your own runtime environment.

If you want to debug the VM If you want to extend the VM If you want to do performance tweaking—​jump to the last chapter … but to really understand that chapter, you need to read the book.

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