Restoring Window Positions in GNOME After Switching Monitor Inputs

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2022-05-15 00:00:05

Like most normal people, I have four1 computers in my office. I used to have three, but that was shameful, so I was very relieved to get a new laptop for my new job at MongoDB.

A while back, I bought a USB switching device with a remote. This eliminated the need to physically switch my USB hub’s cable from one computer to another.

I have two monitors connected to these computers, and I switch between inputs on the monitors when I switch computers. I used to do this manually by using the buttons on the monitors, but this was annoying. I’ve used KVM switches before but my experience has been that they’re all junk, so I didn’t want to go that route again.

Fortunately, I found an awesome project in Rust called display-switch created by Haim Gelfenbeyn. It runs on Linux, macOS, and Windows as a background service. It listens for USB connect/disconnect events and then uses DDC commands to switch the inputs on the monitor. With this configured on each computer, I can use the USB switch’s remote to switch all the USB devices and the monitors together. It’s great!

And for a while, everything worked fine. I’d switch to my Windows computer for gaming, then back to Linux for day-to-day work and computing. But for some reason when I added my work laptop to the mix, something went wrong on my personal Linux desktop.

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