Simple event broker tries Tiger Style

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2024-07-10 12:00:09

I’ve been on a bender for the past few weeks. I haven’t been able to stop reading and watching content about TigerBeetle. I was especially enamored by videos in which Joran Dirk Greef presents TigerBeetle in general, replication, and Tiger Style.

Joran has been far and wide the past years, doing all he can to spread the message of TigerBeetle and Tiger Style. Lucky for us, this has left a trail of insightful content in his wake!

My time in the virtual company of Joran has inspired me to try TigerBeetle’s coding style, Tiger Style. Since I’m already working on Seb, my event broker which I want to be fast and keep my data safe, I thought this would be a good place to try it out.

With inspiration from Joran and Tiger Style, my past weekend’s project was to improve the write path of Seb. My goal was simple: write more records per second while maintaining correctness (duh!)

Perform back-of-the-envelope sketches with respect to the four resources (network, disk, memory, CPU) and their two main characteristics (bandwidth, latency). Sketches are cheap. Use sketches to be “roughly right” and land within 90% of the global maximum.

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