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2024-02-27 17:00:16

I've been at this company for 12 years today and it feels like a good time to reflect on all the projects I've been involved in!

I found out over time that the projects where I thrive are spaces where the R&D phase is over and the tech now works but it needs to be turned into a proper product to start the exponential growth phase. My biggest strength is getting people excited about the crazy projects and working together. "Connecting People" is deeply ingrained into me!

My bootcamp task was an open ended “use the new face.com bounding boxes to improve tagging”. I made a lot of UX tweaks so that you could tag a whole album only pressing enter and down arrow which led to huge increase in terms of number of tags on Facebook.

The best part is that it was a lot more than just tagging. That notification was the highest click through rate of the entire site: everyone wants to know how they look. So increasing it led to increased engagement. So improving the AI model for face detection and/or recognition directly led to engagement. This was the first time we had this positive feedback loop outside of newsfeed for an AI model.

We also used face information to better crop images when we had to. Instead of cropping on the center, we find the crop where we can fit most faces. This drastically reduced the number of awkward crops.

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