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2022-08-13 17:30:05

Some of you may already know that I’m operating an XMPP server. So far there are several domains running on that XMPP server and two domains are open for public registration. Namely these domains are and You can find the service under the main domain on

Interesting in this is, that for some time seemed to be the domain of choice for many users, maybe because of “xmpp” and “social” in the domain name – or because it is easier to name it than “hookipa” with “double-oh” and “kay”… who knows…

So, the user counts on were rising in a steeper curve than for, so much that I even considered to move over to for the main domain of that website.

But then something happened: the curated list of XMPP providers, which is now available under Since then some client software apps included the list, e.g. uwpx, and the user count was rising on – while it slowed down on

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