International Space Station Tracker using Raspbery Pi

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2020-06-26 12:13:11

Here’s a fun project that uses an ePaper Display in concert with a Raspberry Pi to make a visual home tracker for the International Space Station. Here’s a bit on the nuances of coding for the project, from maker Sridhar Rajagopal via

The code has a couple of nuances to bear in mind. The location of the ISS is in latitude and longitude coordinates. These range from -180 to 180 (longitude) and 90 to -90 (latitude). These need to get mapped to the XY coordinates of our ePaper Display. The 2.7 inch display from Waveshare has a screen resolution of 264 x 176. That is an aspect ratio of 3:2

The next point to note is that world maps don’t typically have this aspect ratio. We need a map that can be displayed on the ePaper Display and give a reasonably accurate depiction of the latitude, longitude of the ISS on the world map. We also need a map that is reasonable accurate with latitude and longitude depictions.

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