GrimoireLab to measure organization’s private development

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2020-06-27 05:17:46

We are living in the remote work era and for software development management it has become key to have transparent means to monitor the work of their teams. This post shows how to set up GrimoireLab to check not only the stability and throughput of software development teams, but also the collaboration between team members and with other teams in large or distributed organizations.

GrimoireLab, the Bitergia Analytics core open source toolkit, is able to track information from several development platforms. Most of them are related to open source development, but they are also used for private internal development in companies. We know GrimoireLab community members that have deployed the toolkit for their own development following the procedures explained in GrimoireLab

For most of these platforms, administrators and developers have access by an access token or by oauth access. Setting up this kind of private access in GrimoireLab can be a little bit tricky. So, in this blog post I’ll explain how to set up GrimoireLab for a self-hosted GitLab instance, as an example.

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