HowTo: Convert pocket reader links to Epub and upload to Dropbox -

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2021-08-16 12:00:06

I heavily use getpocket to collect articles and save them for later reading. While on my mobile devices I use the official app, on my desktop systems (mostly tmux + Emacs) I use pocket-reader.el quite heavily to collect/organize/archive my list of articles. After my transition from Spacemacs to Doom Emacs I still love evil mode and like to do most of the stuff in normal mode. That’s why I’ve added some keybindings to pocket-reader:

Since I tend to read on my e-reader most of the time, I also wanted to have an almost automated way of saving articles to Epub and send these to my device. Fortunately PocketBook devices can sync with Dropbox which made my life quite easy in the past. I just had to copy e-books, PDFs, Epubs to a specific folder in Dropbox and these will eventually sync with my device once WiFi is activated. That’s first step of automation.

As for the Epub conversion I’ve used pandoc in the past which still does its job great. Initially I’ve used monolith to save complete web pages as HTML but I’ve realized the HTML also contained useless ads, images, text. That’s why I’ve searched for ways how to make the content more readable and discovered rdrview. It’s written in C and applies Firefox’s reader view to web pages. Here are some examples:

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