Unveiling the Server-Side Prototype Pollution Gadgets Scanner

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2024-02-27 16:00:08

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Prototype pollution has recently emerged as a fashionable vulnerability within the realm of web security. This vulnerability occurs when an attacker exploits the nature of JavaScript’s prototype inheritance to modify a prototype of an object. By doing so, they can inject malicious code or alter an application to behave in unintended ways. This could potentially lead to sensitive information leakage, type confusion vulnerabilities, or even remote code execution, under certain conditions.

For those interested in diving deeper into the technicalities and impacts of prototype pollution, we recommend checking out PortSwigger’s comprehensive guide.

Before diving into the specifics of our research, it’s crucial to understand the landscape of existing research on prototype pollution. This will help us identify the gaps in current methodologies and tools, and how our work aims to address them.

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