Introducing graphics offload

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2023-11-18 09:00:05

Some of us in the GTK team have spent the last month or so exploring the world of linux kernel graphics apis, in particular, dmabufs. We are coming back from this adventure with some frustrations and some successes.

A dmabuf is a memory buffer in kernel space that is identified by a file descriptor. The idea is that you don’t have to copy lots of pixel data around, and instead just pass a file descriptor between kernel subsystems.

Reality is of course more complicated that this rosy picture: the memory may be device memory that is not accessible in the same way as ‘plain’ memory, and there may be more than one buffer (and more than one file descriptor), since graphics data is often split into planes (e.g. RGB and A may be separate, or Y and UV).

I’ve already mentioned that we hope to avoid copying the pixel data and feeding it through the GTK compositing pipeline (and with 4k video, that can be quite a bit of data for each frame).

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