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2021-09-25 03:00:04

The last time I wrote about the timezone database on this blog, the database was under threat from a lawsuit. Fortunately that lawsuit went away relatively quickly as the company involved got the message that their action was a big mistake. Unfortunately this time the mess is internal.

Paul Eggert is the project lead of the timezone database hosted at IANA, a position referred to as the TZ Coordinator. He is an expert in the field, having been involved in documenting timezone data for decades. Unfortunately, he is currently ignoring all objections to an action only he seems intent on making to solve an invented problem that only he sees as important.

The database is the world's principle source of timezone information. The data is included in everything from operating systems to smartphones to programming language development kits such as the JDK. While you may never have heard of it, the sheer pervasiveness of the data makes the potential impact of change or damage pretty huge.

The timezone database contains information about how clocks have varies in each region around the world. The mandate of the project is to record this information from 1970 onwards.

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