Deploy a Microservice into Istio service mesh

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2020-06-27 04:28:14

The service mesh is a dedicated infrastructure layer for handling service to service communication. Basically, it’s a way to control how different micro services deployed on Kubernetes will manage secure communication and traffic between them with lots of cross-cutting concerns like logging, security, etc.

we will not talk about the feature here, Let’s jump over to how we can deploy here so we categories the deployment process in 3 phases.

For downloading the latest version we can refer to the release page. Just download the tar.gz file and unzip it. In the directory, we will find istioctl client which we can use

Now set the istioctl client to your machine path and for installation we need to choose the configuration profile. There are a set of configuration profiles, we are going to use a demo profile which enables the components according to default settings.

As we know, istio automatically injects Envoy sidecar proxies using mutating webhook admission controllers when we deploy services in a particular namespace. To enable this feature we need to enable the istio-injection in a particular namespace where we will deploy the application.

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