Obnam2 - a new backup system

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2021-06-10 19:00:14

I’m writing another implementation of a backup system. It is called Obnam (“obligatory name”), just like the previous one that I retired three years ago.

I am primarily writing this for myself, in my free time, but it’d be nice if it was useful to others, or they’d like to contribute.

I’ve written a simplistic prototype, where the backup program reads data from stdin, breaks it into chunks, and uploads chunks to the server, unless they’re already there, and the corresponding restore program downloads the chunks and writes them to stdout.

If you’re interested in helping, or using, the new Obnam, please get in touch. Email is OK, although GitLab issues or merge requests are preferred. However, please be patient: this is a side project, and I may take a while to respond.

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