Developer Spotlight: Dedalium — turn the entire web into an RPG game

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2024-06-15 02:00:07

You might be scrolling through your morning news, checking email, or any other routine online moment when suddenly you notice a small winged beast slowly glide across your screen. It’s a challenge. A chance to earn more crystals. A fight to the finish, should you choose to accept the duel. Since you’re not super busy and battles only take a few seconds — and you sure could use more crystals to upgrade gear — you click the angry creature and next thing you know your Network Guardian (avatar) and opponent appear on floating battle stations exchanging blows. It’s a close contest, but soon your nemesis succumbs to his injuries. The thrill of victory is fleeting, though. Gotta get back to those emails.

Dedalium is a novel game concept. There are a lot of browser games out there, but nothing quite like Dedalium, which turns the entire internet into a role-playing game, or RPG. You start by customizing the look and skills of your Network Guardian and then you’re ready to wait for battle invites to emerge; or you can go on the offensive and seek out challengers. Beyond battles, you’ll occasionally find crystals or loot boxes on the edges of your screen.

There’s also a solo Adventure mode featuring 100+ levels that lead to a final battle against the big boss Spamicus Wildpost, who has never been defeated since Dedalium’s beta launch last year.

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