Working in the open: Enhancing privacy and security in the DNS

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2021-06-10 13:30:39

In 2018, we started pioneering work on securing one of the oldest parts of the Internet, one that had till then remained largely untouched by efforts to make the web safer and more private: the Domain Name System (DNS). We passed a key milestone in that endeavor last year, when we rolled out DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) technology by default in the United States, thus improving privacy and security for millions of people. Given the transformative nature of this technology and in line with our mission commitment to transparency and collaboration, we have consistently sought to implement DoH thoughtfully and inclusively. Today we’re sharing our latest update on that continued effort.

Between November 2020 and January 2021 we ran a public comment period, to give the broader community who care about the DNS – including human rights defenders; technologists; and DNS service providers – the opportunity to provide recommendations for our future DoH work. Specifically, we canvassed input on our Trusted Recursive Resolver (TRR) policies, the set of privacy, security, and integrity commitments that DNS recursive resolvers must adhere to in order to be considered as default partner resolvers for Mozilla’s DoH roll-out.

We received rich feedback from stakeholders across the world, and we continue to reflect on how it can inform our future DoH work and our TRR policies. As we continue that reflection, we’re today publishing the input we received during the comment period – acting on a commitment to transparency that we made at the outset of the process. You can read the comments here.

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