MLC-LLM: Universal LLM Deployment Engine with ML Compilation

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2024-06-08 23:00:05

We are in the age of large language models and generative AI, with use cases that can potentially change everyone’s life. Open large language models bring significant opportunities to offer customization and domain-specific deployment.

We are in an exciting year for open model development. On one hand, we saw exciting progress on (cloud) server deployments, with solutions enabling serving concurrent user requests for bigger models with multiple GPUs. Meanwhile, we are also starting to see progress in on-device local deployment, with capable quantized models deployed onto laptops, browsers, and phones. Where will the future go? We believe the future is hybrid, so it is important to enable anyone to run LLM in both cloud and local environments.

Many of the LLM inference projects, including a past version of our MLC LLM effort, provide different solutions for server and local use cases, with distinct implementations and optimizations. For example, server solutions usually enable continuous batching and better multi-GPU support, while local solutions bring better portability across platforms. However, we believe there is a strong need to bring all the techniques together. Many techniques appearing in one side of use cases are directly applicable to the other side. While techniques like continuous batching may not be practical for some local use cases at this moment, they will become valuable as LLMs become a key component of operating systems and support multiple requests to enable agent tasks. We would like to ask a question: is it possible to build a single unified LLM engine that works across server and local use cases?

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