GNOME Builder 43.0

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2022-09-23 08:30:15

This is the truly the largest release of Builder yet, with nearly every aspect of the application improved. It’s pretty neat to see all this come together after having spent the past couple years doing a lot more things outside of Builder like modernizing GTKs OpenGL renderer, writing the new macOS GDK backend, shipping a new Text Editor for GNOME, and somehow getting married during all that.

The most noticeable change, of course, is the port to GTK 4. Builder now uses WebKit, VTE, libadwaita, libpanel, GtkSourceView, and many other libraries recently updated to support GTK 4.

Like we did for GNOME Text Editor, Builder will restyle the application window based on the syntax highlighting scheme. In practice this feels much less jarring as you use the application for hours.

Behind the scenes, the “Foundry” behind Builder has been completely revamped to make better use of SDKs and runtimes. This gives precise control over how processes are created and run. Such control is important when doing development inside container technologies.

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