Why Indie Developers Are Leading a Retro-style Video Game Resurgence – EURweb

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2020-06-26 13:20:38

*Sabotage Studios’ upcoming retro-inspired game  “Sea of Stars” reached more than 10 times its original funding goal of $93,711—hitting $1.1 million, as of May 1—less than a month after launching a Kickstarter campaign.

That’s just one example of the exploding trend of indie developers making retro-style games to feed a growing gamer audience hungry for classic role-playing games, or RPGs.

Thierry Boulanger, the creative mastermind behind “Sea of Stars,” cites “Super Mario Bros.” and the beloved 1995 classic RPG “Chrono Trigger” as major inspirations.

“It dates back to growing up in the ’90s; there were a bunch of games that left a permanent mark and defined gaming,” Boulanger told Zenger News. “For me, it was always this drive to make these games to pay homage to those experiences that I feel sadly got lost as production value got bigger. Through harsher limitations there was a very unique, more-to-the-point experience that emerged. The same with the music; you have to have the hook right away because there are short loops” in old games.

When Boulanger found out that Yasunori Mitsuda, the critically acclaimed composer for “Chrono Trigger,” would contribute music to his new game, he cried. 

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