Don’t use URL shorteners for your your SEM campaigns

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2022-05-21 18:00:20

It’s been a while for the blog update. Something strange popped up today, and it was pretty surprising it could happen to a large brand like Home Depot.

Today, while looking for something from Home Depot, I clicked on one of their Google Ads (apologises I was too lazy to type in the domain!).

My first thought was to check my browser extensions on Google Chrome. Some extensions can run incognito, but it was quickly verified that this was not the issue.

It’s also worth checking the default search engine, incase it’s been replaced with some other 3rd party one that will filter out some of the search queries.

Second setup as to check my DNS settings, and I updated mine to Google’s DNS ( & to make sure a rouge DNS server wasn’t getting in the way, it’s possible by connecting to some wifi hotspots that you accept some DNS settings that somehow changed. If this were the case you’d expect the some type of warning to show up, for example the SSL cert would fail on

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