8 Ways to Get Clients to Pay Their Invoices

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2021-06-11 20:00:05

There are few things more frustrating for freelancers or small business owners than clients who don’t pay on time. It’s not just a matter of getting paid what you're due. Clients who don’t pay jeopardize the future of your business. Case in point, poor cash flow is the reason 82% of small businesses fail.

Invoicing must be a top priority when working for yourself. Make a point of sending invoices as fast as possible — ideally, as soon as you have finished the work.

Sending invoices quickly gives your client as much time as possible to pay. But it also shows them you’re serious about getting paid. After all, why should they go out of their way to pay you quickly when you don’t send your invoice on time.

In this regard, it pays to work with software that makes creating invoices as easy as possible. Better still, your invoicing software should make it possible to convert quotes to invoices at a click of a button. This saves you time and means you can get the invoice out the door in an instant.

It may seem obvious, but you’d be amazed at how often the client you speak to every day is not the same person who deals with accounts. This is particularly common in big companies. If in doubt, check before sending your first invoice and follow up if you don’t get a notification of receipt.

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