How to Write Great Proposals that Win You More Freelance Projects

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2021-06-10 14:30:10

Whether you’re a part-time freelancer or new to the freelancing world, it pays to understand how to write a great proposal. A great and unique proposal will compel your potential clients to seek you more than you seek them. However, convincing a potential client that you're the best for a certain project is a skill that requires serious effort and hardwork to perfect.

Writing great proposals that can beat those of experienced competitors is a sure way of winning more projects and boosting your income as a freelancer. In this article, I'm going to take you through the tips for writing a unique and great proposal.

What do you have on your proposal to capture your potential clients straight out the gates? What is it in your email that is unique from everybody else competing for the gig?  

What will captivate immediate interest in the mind of your potential client is an entrance that delivers actual value, excites, and shows that you did enough research. You can always start by finding remote freelance projects on sites like, Hubstaff Talent, Contena.You can go through the 'Ultimate Guide to Landing a remote Job'.

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