China develops high energy ion implantation machine

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2020-06-30 14:03:41

China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) announced that the high energy ion implantation machine developed by CETC Equipment, a subsidiary of the group, has successfully achieved high energy ion acceleration of one million electron volts, allowing the performance to reach a level comparable to its international counterparts.

In total, there are seven key processes in wafer fabrication, namely, Thermal Process, Photo- lithography, Etch, Ion Implant, Dielectric Deposition, Polishing (CMP) and Metalization.

Metalization, that is, the various components of the integrated circuit with a metal conductor to connect, the equipment used is also thin film growth equipment.

Almost every step of the process requires the use of cleaning machines, because the production process is becoming more and more complex, almost every one or two steps to clean the silicon wafer.

Therefore, wafer fabrication requires seven categories of production equipment, including: diffusion furnace, photolithography, etching machine, ion implantation machine, thin film deposition equipment, chemical mechanical polishing machine, cleaning machine.

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