This Hacker News Does Not Exist

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2022-12-03 19:00:45

It seems you jave Javascript disabled. This webpage works best with Javascript enabled. Whilst I appreciate you may have Javascript disabled for privacy or accessibility reasons, the core functionality of the page will not work with it disabled. You may have to temporarily whitelist this page. There are no analytics scripts on this page.

This page is intended to be a humorous parody of Hacker News. It is not in any way affiliated with Hacker News. The page's theme and layout are based on the original site. The usernames are intended to be fictitious, as are the headlines. This site was made with Faker.js (The original version), String.js, and an old jQuery templating plugin written by John Resig in 2010.

None of the headlines are real and are programatically generated and totally random. The comments page is a shamless rip of a Hackernews Parody Page by Brad Conte. I apologize if any (fictitious) headlines may have offended you. Sometimes it might be off color, but that's not me, it's the Faker.js script at its worst.

This project is hosted on Github and the source code is readily viewable. (Thank you Github for allowing me to host my project there).

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