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2021-06-11 23:00:06

This is inspired by both a private discussion on why modern computing is so complex and my migration from Ubuntu 12.04LTS to systemd 20.04LTS.

Since I’ve finally changed from my less than ten years old operating system to something more modern I’ve noticed that it became noticeably slower (not irritatingly slower though but slower nevertheless) except for Firefox (which is probably not because of JS engine improvements but rather because of native execution of now supported APIs instead of polyfills). And trying various desktop environments before settling on Cinnamon I’m horrified by how bloated and unusable (to me) they are. My friends complain about modern technology demanding more effort to maintain because of complexity and weird interdependencies—while it’s supposed to make your life easier. So why it is like that?

Of course it’s evolution of the programs. They grow, get more features and interfaces—and become more bloated as the result. Of course sometimes you have the opposite processed happening (programs losing features and sometimes even get split into several parts).

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