Setting up a WordPress development environment fast

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2020-06-25 19:21:58

Ew PHP, right? High-fives all around. Except that for my generation, the first cool web app you’d create would be written in PHP, often coupled with MySQL. Not only it is a language you can use object-oriented principles if used well but also it is free to use. There is a reason that massive platforms such as Shopify, Facebook or even WordPress still use PHP to this day. Today, I will show you how to set up your WordPress development environment in about 10 minutes with the power of Docker.

In my case, I created a wordpress-dev folder which is will be my workspace where all the plugins and themes will go. Assume that from now on, I will refer to files and actions to execute will be relative to the wordpress-dev path.

The first file we will create is a docker-compose file. This file will contain the base information to spin up our docker and MySQL containers for use. I copied it from the WordPress docker page and made a minor change for now. I fixed the WordPress version to make sure that this tutorial will still work regardless of when you go through it.

Your WordPress instance would be working and accessible at http://localhost:8080. From there, you should see the setup screen as below:

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