Finally, I launched Codsletter: turn any blog into a periodical newsletter automatically!

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2021-09-25 12:30:04

Some days before, I added to every post a small “banner” to my BuyMeCoffee page, and it looks great (you can see it at the bottom of this post). But I need more (not money), I need an engagement with my (today small… very small) audience, and because I do not want to insert a comment system to my post (because of performance), I need something other.

So, what is the solution? A completely automated newsletter! I looked at some solutions on the Internet, and many seem perfect for a newsletter system, but there is a problem (for me): all of them presuppose that I write the newsletter and send it to my audience within the system itself. For other users, this can be an interesting feature, and most of the time you need to personalize your newsletter before send it and seem legit. But, as I said before in this post, I haven’t so much time because of work and personal things, so I need something that make the dirty work for me.

So, I created Codsletter. I can choose a minimum number of posts to send with a newsletter and a range of times to schedule the sending. For example: if I set 3 as the minimum number of posts to send and 7 days the scheduler; every day the website will be scraping and if there are at least 3 new posts (based on the last newsletter sent) and it’s been at least 7 days, the system will send the newsletter to my users base.

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