Experimenting with Metastability and Multiple Clocks on FPGAs

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2022-01-17 18:30:19

NOTE: This article appeared in Issue 293 of Circuit Cellar, back in December 2014. I’ve posted it here for your reading pleasure as well. References to previous articles are for Circuit Cellar Issues, as this was originally written for the print publication. This version differs slightly from the print version – this is my own ‘author copy’ version before the Circuit Cellar editing. References to “ProgrammableLogicInPractice.com” are broken for now, but material has been mirrored to the bottom of this page.

One of the most critical aspects of any FPGA design is where two clock domains meet. The general rule is to avoid this at all costs, but there are situations where it’s unavoidable. A simple situation is shown in Fig. 1, where our system is receiving data from an ADC, but speaking on a common bus. The ADC sample rate is generated from an external source, and might change for specific applications.

A naïve implementation is shown in Fig. 2, where we pay no attention to the two clock domains. By chance it’s very likely that we’re going to attempt to read from the ADC while the data is changing. There are actually two separate issues that pop up here, and I want to give you a more intuitive feeling for both of them.

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