By  Lucas Mearian

Gen Zers and millennials split over the appeal of remote work

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2023-01-23 12:00:09

By Lucas Mearian

Senior Reporter, Computerworld |

Older employees want to work fully remote nearly twice as much as younger ones, according to a new study by job search site Joblist.

The study found that about half (49%) of millennials surveyed want to work fully remote, whereas only 27% of Generation Z (Gen Zers) feel the same way; they're much more likely than average “to be seeking in-person” work opportunities. Oddly, Gen X and baby boomers felt less impassioned about remote options. Only 40% of either group indicated  “their ideal workplace setting” should be remote.

Overall, 36% of job seekers are looking for fully remote roles this year; 44% want an in-person position, and 19% prefer a hybrid option. The online employment site’s data was derived from surveying more than 30,000 job seekers from across the US over the past three months.

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