By  Charlotte Trueman

Low-code platform provider Airtable enacts new round of layoffs

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2023-09-15 20:30:04

By Charlotte Trueman

Senior Writer, Computerworld |

Low-code software company Airtable announced its second round of job cuts in nine months, laying off around 237 people, or approximately 27% of the company.

The cuts are part of a plan to focus the company on winning large enterprise clients and getting spending under control, CEO Howie Liu told Forbes, which  first reported the layoffs. They follow job cuts made by the company in December 2022 that saw 254 people laid off.

Airtable will be cash-flow positive after this round of layoffs, Liu reportedly said, adding that the cuts were the result of a downturn in business following a period of hypergrowth experienced by the company during the pandemic. 

The Airtable app is a cloud-based relational database that looks like a spreadhseet and can be used by nontechnical workers to analyze data as well as plan and collaborate on projects.

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