AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution at One Year: 110+ Games and FSR 2.0 Now Available for Developers

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2022-06-23 17:00:05

One year ago today, June 22, 2021, was a very important milestone for AMD FidelityFX™ technologies, our open-source image quality toolkit for games developers – it was the launch of AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) (1). This was one of our most highly anticipated software technologies ever, a cutting-edge spatial upscaling solution that delivers amazing performance boosts in supported games (2) on a broad spectrum of hardware.

FSR launched with 7 games supporting the technology, and right out of the gate it was praised by both game developers and gamers for being a game-changing upscaling technology. The performance, compatibility, quality, and ease of integration of FSR quickly led to its rapid adoption in games -- within 6 months it became the fastest adopted software gaming tech in AMD history (3), supported in over 70 available and coming soon games by December 2021.

Now, following on from the recent release of the first games with AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0, our next-generation temporal upscaling technology, we’ve hit another significant milestone for FSR – the first anniversary of the technology! And to celebrate we have some exciting announcements to make. To start, AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR 1.0 and FSR 2.0) is now available and upcoming in over 110 games! On top of that, we are also releasing the FSR 2.0 API on GPUOpen for game integration by developers. Read on for more details.

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