The workflow-first Content Management System

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2023-05-22 09:00:07

Commitspark greatly simplifies collaboration between content managers, editors and developers by bringing Git workflows to the world of content management.

Commitspark is an easy-to-use headless Content Management System that empowers content editors to take advantage of powerful editing workflows used by millions of software developers - all without having to learn any new technology.

With Commitspark, multiple content editors can work simultaneously on the same project without creating conflicts. This frees up editor time to actually work on content instead of coordination.

Commitspark makes it easy to collaborate and review content changes with Pull Requests. A Pull Request is a request to merge changes made in one branch into another, enabling clear workflow steps that protect production content from unapproved changes.

With Commitspark, your developers can easily build automated content review pipelines that enforce your own business rules. This enables content editors to fix mistakes before they reach production, such as issues that are hard to spot manually.

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