A Better Way to Share Email

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2023-09-15 18:30:09

A lot of people share email accounts. Sometimes they’ll name them something like [email protected] . This idea seemed always seemed silly to me. If someone wants to email both you and your significant other, why can’t they just put you both on the “to” line (or “cc” one of you)? But then I became a parent and I found out the world is not so evolved. Turns out there are many many instances, especially if you have kids, where a shared address is the best solution.

So I was going to need a shared email address. The usual way people do this is to create a gmail account and share the login credentials. But then you have another account to log into and check periodically. As a techie I knew there must be a better way.

The solution I settled on was to use Cloudflare to route mail from a domain I already owned to both my wife’s gmail address and my own. Now whenever I need to sign up to something or give someone an email address that both of us should receive mail from, I use the shared email address and we both get copies on the gmail accounts we normally use.

Once you know how, it’s not complicated to set up; hopefully this can be a guide for both techies and non-techies to follow. It requires owning a domain name but is otherwise free. If you need to buy a domain name I’d recommend purchasing through cloudflare as they sell domains at cost with no markup and are generally a reputable company.

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