Converting Streaks Apple Watch App to SwiftUI

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2023-03-14 21:30:07

With the release of Streaks 9, one of the major changes in the app is that the Apple Watch app is now (mostly) built in SwiftUI.

This article discusses some of the implementation details in achieving this milestone, as well as the state of converting Streaks to using more SwiftUI.

In this update, we've converted the main Apple Watch app to SwiftUI. We're still working on complications, rich notifications and intents.

At this time, Streaks for Apple Watch still supports watchOS 6. Even though SwiftUI runs on watchOS 6, there were some roadblocks in our implementation, so if you're on watchOS 6, you'll still be running the WatchKit version.

With the way Apple has rolled out SwiftUI to developers, it's allowed us to gradually build up our library of reusable SwiftUI views/components.

The first SwiftUI code we built for Streaks was for the widgets (released in iOS 14 in 2020). One of our widgets is called "Tasks", which can show 1-4 tasks.

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