How to set up a Pi Node?

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2020-06-27 05:21:25

Node technical preparation Follow the steps below to install necessary packages and complete technical setup requirements to get your computer ready for running as a node. All Node applicants should finish the steps to participate in the testing and calibrating period as part of the selection process for Nodes or SuperNodes.

Install Docker The Pi blockchain requires Docker, which is a platform for securely building and sharing applications. Docker encloses all the blockchain complexity in a “container” that is isolated from the rest of your computer, respecting your privacy and security.

Run the docker daemon Docker runs on your system as a background task called a “daemon”. Please make sure the daemon is started to enable your computer to run a Pi Node

Please open these ports on your firewall and redirect the above ports from your router to this computer, if necessary. Windows Firewall may show a dialog about Docker, in which case you need to click “Allow access”.

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