Remote Monitoring and Control of A Refrigerator Using GSM Interface

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2020-06-30 13:41:10

The problem of food items getting spoilt in the refrigerator has limited its power of preservation and thereby increasing the problem of food spoilage and wastage in the community.

This project provides a solution to the problem and saving food items from getting spoilt in the refrigerator due the harsh unfriendly temperature food items in the refrigerator undergo while they are been kept there. The project aims at monitoring and controlling the temperature of the refrigerator with the aid of short message service (SMS) through the use of temperature sensor that will continuously check the current temperature of the refrigerator chambers and sends an SMS to a GSM module whenever the temperature crosses a set threshold.

The system is controlled by arduino microcontroller will inform the user on the condition of the refrigerator temperature for the user to take further action in other to save the items in it from getting spoilt. The end result after testing the project is a system that could remotely monitor and control a refrigerator unit according to system specification.

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