Street View Image Segmentation with PyTorch and Facebook Detectron2 (CPU+GPU)

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2020-06-25 19:00:37

In this post, I would like to share my practice with Facebook’s new Detectron2 package on macOS without GPU support for street view panoptic segmentation.  If you want to create the following video by yourself, this post is all you need. This demo video clip is from my car’s dashcam footages from Preston, Melbourne. I used the PyTorch and Detectron2 to create this video with segmentation masks.

The Panoptic Segmentation Task is designed to push the state of the art in scene segmentation. Panoptic segmentation addresses both stuff and thing classes, unifying the typically distinct semantic and instance segmentation tasks. The aim is to generate coherent scene segmentations that are rich and complete, an important step toward real-world vision systems such as in autonomous driving or augmented reality. 

I used one sample image from the Mapillary Vistas Dataset to demonstrate the model features. The following images show the input and outputs of the models.

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